James LaBrecque, Founder & Chief Technology Officer of FlexWare Control Technology, LLC

Committed to Quality

FlexWare Control Technology, LLC is focused on quality design and craftsmanship that stands the test of time. Founded by inventor and energy expert Jim LaBrecque, the company focuses solely on supermarket refrigeration design, manufacture, and service.

Jim LaBrecque began working on grocery store systems as a teenager, traveling all over his native state of Maine troubleshooting systems for the Sampson’s Supermarkets chain. Jim eventually started his own refrigeration systems design and repair company, serving clients across NY, NJ, and the Northeast.

The holder of multiple patents, Jim LaBrecque’s resume includes serving as a University of Maine thermodynamics instructor, WVOM radio commentator, technical advisor to Governor Paul LePage, and special needs advocate. He and the FlexWare Controls Technology team create FlexCube modules, fluid pump control stations, and additional components at their manufacturing plant in Bangor, Maine.