Installation of 2’x 2′ FlexCube(TM) Supermarket Refrigeration Modules. Two FlexCubes are shown side by side.

Earth-Friendly Supermarket Refrigeration is in the Cube

The FlexCube Advantage

The FlexCube Supermarket Refrigeration System is a revolutionary reengineering of the storewide multi-temp rack system. Using far less refrigerant, piping, and electricity, a FlexCube System brings more than 75% reduction in HFC usage compared to a typical system.

FlexCube System Benefits

1. Lower acquisition and installation costs
2. Greatly improved electrical operating efficiencies
3. No need for rooftop condensing units or interior mechanical rooms
4. 75% less use of refrigerant gases with minimal to no leaking
5. Cloud-based software control with predictive monitoring
6. Major additional energy-saving benefits to store operators

Proven Performance for Over a Decade

Developed by inventor and energy engineering expert Jim LaBrecque, FlexCube systems have been keeping food cold and energy costs low in regional supermarkets since 2008.

Less Refrigerant, Less Piping, Less Worry

At just 2ft X 2ft, FlexCubes use 75% less refrigerant than typical systems, with no rooftop AHUs required. Our system is modular, so if a cube or panel ever needs repair, we simply swap out the unit.

Factory Tested Leak-Free Guarantee

FlexCubes are precision-manufactured with custom-molded parts. We certify that they are 100% leak-free when they leave the factory and test them again at installation. 

Turnkey Service from Design to Installation to Monitoring

Our team of designers, fabricators, and software engineers provides turnkey service from concept design through installation and servicing. Clients save hundreds of thousands of dollars in installation costs.

Want the FlexCube System for your store?

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We have never seen such a streamlined supermarket refrigeration system or an easier installation process. The store is even being kept warm this winter using recovered heat from the FlexCube system. It’s amazing!

Project partner, Fall 2022 Gowell’s Shop N Save Installation